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Gregory Blue






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Van Gogh is credited with the statement; :exaggerate the essential and omit the obvious”, providing only that information necessary to express an idea, mood, or emotion. In order to engage the viewer, a painting must be dynamic and respond to the viewer’s mood and understanding. It should invite subsequent multiple viewings that reveal an ongoing, ever-changing response to the subject matter. The viewer should continue to discover something new. This method of painting is the basis for impressionist theory and results in minimally rendered detail. It relies on color and brush stroke to convey a sense of atmosphere rather than the classical conventions of draughtsmanship and rendering. It abstracts the image so that, upon close inspection, the canvas is nothing more than a web of simple strokes of juxtaposed colors, yet, when viewed from a slight distance, the image is codified into the illusion of light and form, a sense of atmosphere that stretches beyond the picture plane. It is this same process that enables a dialogue between the viewer and the artist to take place. The selective omission of certain detail, the vague and ambiguous passages within the composition, and only the mere suggestion of form require the viewer to fill in the blanks. The viewer must engage with the work and complete the painting. 2016.08.31 Gregory Blue