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Artist Statement

Although my work derives motivation from serious issues in my life and our world, there is often a sense of humor in capturing the spirit of my subject. I fabricate both sculpture and furniture in steel and bronze, while also incorporating mixed media. For the past several years I have tended towards more spontaneous, improvisational creation with personal pieces, while splitting my time with numerous commission pieces that I have been fortunate to work on.

I predominately use a hand held plasma cutter or chop saw for cutting steel, a hand grinder for cleaning up edges, a vise or oxy-acetylene for bending, and my TIG welder for all my welding purposes. I like the natural colors of the steel that are innate or come through by working with the material, oxidation, weathering or age. So I clean the piece after fabrication simply to remove oils and dust. Then I like to let it sit to weather naturally for a couple days and finally coat the piece with Penetrol, a rust inhibitor.