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Print Making

Etching is a mechanical but creative process that mixes line, texture and tone. A metal plate is coated with an acid resist and scratched by an etching needle or painted with a design and is then placed in an acid bath. This will etch an image into the plate that will hold ink. The plate is inked and the plate and paper are run through an etching press, which presses the plate’s image onto the paper. Etchings are typically black ink on white paper. Color is not involved. The art of etching involves the variety of methods used to form the image on the plate.

Anything I see can be the inspiration for an image. I enjoy working on landscapes such as the beach and the city. I include both people and cars to show how things relate to one another. When successful, I see my print images as fleeting moments that are also solid and unshakeable, as though they have always been there and always will be.