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Jeremy McGirl

Mixed Media

In the 1960s, the dam at Glen Canyon was built and the canyon was flooded. Something was gained and something was lost when the water rose. There is talk that they may drain the lake, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be the same. Often, the work I make is a rumination of my recent experiences with my environment along with the bits and pieces of what I remember from the experiences I had with my surroundings when I was younger; subtly reflecting how I feel about the differences that I find. I am constantly looking for a balance between optimism and irritation in the work. Even if the work is visually beautiful, underneath lies an irritation which keeps me questioning myself and seeking out new points of view to be able to factor into the meanings I have applied. When I work I make changes. Each change that is made is done, and even if I try to “undo” it the residue of it is still there and plays a role. It is a layer that must be factored in, and in the end it contributes to the whole. Some things dissolve and play a small role in the end, while others remain more apparent and serve as a focus. I understand that I cannot make a change and expect to then be able to return to exactly the way things were before. The past remains relevant to the present and future.