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Constance McBride


My practice is inspired by nature and the human form. I work primarily with clay. It’s made from decomposed granite and minerals of the earth and it holds memories. It's malleable and I like to think we are too; not without conviction but flexible enough to ride the waves of change and open enough to accept the results of them. We continue to add strata to our lives each time we make a decision; each time we make a move in the world. I use the body as a bastion of autonomy. And, I think about these layers while investigating the changes our bodies, ourselves experience over time; layers of relationships we develop and discard and layers of lore ancestors leave behind for us to ponder. My crumpled figures may seem to be in ruins, yet they still exist. While we are fragile, there is a tenacity to survive. Living really close to the desert has made it an ever present influence on me. I am intrigued by its diverse vegetation- bits and pieces of debris are picked up and saved. These bits share aspects of our human condition; impermanence, while paradoxically, the ability to exist for thousands of years. The desert is continually expanding, contracting, and redefining itself; so are we. Time is recorded and at a certain point we reach a place where one cycle ends and another begins. The bits we leave behind continue to whisper our story and while others may misinterpret their recollections, these then become the story. In the end, the actual story doesn't really matter to me. What does matter to me is that we are remembered as living beings and that death is thought of as a completion of a life well lived; not as a failure to survive on earth.