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Evelyn King


My journey with ceramics began when my youngest child started first grade. What started out as a hobby gradually grew into a passion that has only intensified over the years. Despite a side trip into casting bronzes, or perhaps because of the experience of pouring molten bronze into ceramic molds, I fell in love with the alchemy of alternative firings. There is a kind of magic to the process of pulling red hot pots out of the kiln and plunging them into a bucket filled with combustible to smoke them. And then pulling the still sizzling pots out and spraying the surface with water so that the slip resist falls off to create a surprising end result that never fails to delight me. And then there is the art of applying horsehair, feathers and other organic material to a pot heated to 1200 degrees to leave their carbon imprint, which captures the ephemeral beauty of these otherwise ordinary, everyday objects. These are but a few of the processes I employ to make my unique and one of a kind vessels.