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Mary Kane


MY PROCESS. How do I begin a painting? Unroll the canvas, tack it to the wall and toss a daring splotch of paint onto it. A composition starts to emerge. I quickly grab a bigger brush to load on another color shape until soon I'm riding the wave and trying to stay in the moment. Ideas come as I mix more colors as images emerge and fade .and the original thoughts metamorphose into new ideas. It's taking shape! Until the next day when I see that it isn't working and I must paint out areas with white..It needs stronger accents's too doesn't have any depth...the color is too flat ..too uninteresting. No variation. It needs to open up. It needs to calm down. Leave out the unnecessary. How do I end a painting? When I feel at one with the painting, I ride it without conscious thought and the painting paints itself in spite of my best intentions. I believe IT WORKS!!. The phone rings and I walk out.