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David Haines


David Haines is an unconventional artist who creates living and working environments that integrate graceful modern art forms with industrial gravitas. His passion for creating furniture as functional sculpture blurs the line between aesthetics and pragmatism. He frames indoor and outdoor spaces in sculpted studies that display both raw and sophisticated textures while detailing cerebral notes with linguistic objets d’art. With an innate indifference to institution and norms, David has developed his own conceptual themes that exhibit influences including Art Deco, 50’s Modern and Pop Art. Extensive research, travel and collaboration with other artists maintain his immersion in art, design and architecture to ensure exposure to both classical and cutting edge perspectives. After 24 years of honing his multi-discipline work through individually commissioned pieces, David has established succinct aesthetic collections now offered through his new studio.studiodavid delivers innovative interpretations which show an appreciation of America’s stylistic zeniths of the 20th century. The clean line of the work is made unique through novel engineering techniques which infuse each piece with an elegance that is inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s philosophy, “Less is more”.By invoking the self-confidence of American ingenuity and integrity studiodavid creates living and working environments furnished with functional sculptures and art statements that stand the test of time, alone oa themr as a part ofe.