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Cary Galbraith


I paint because my father was an artist and I aspire to be a skillful painter as well. I envision a painting when I see a face or a scene with an interesting combination of shapes, depth and color. From there it is the mixing of the correct colors and then manipulating the paint in the correct shape on the canvas. Painting is a process of decisions, exploration and experiments, with composition, color mixing, shapes and values. Getting lost in the process is like reading a book you can't put down. As the view comes together and what I imagined is now on the canvas the feeling is delicious. My desire is to portray the character of my subject or the atmosphere of a scene rather than a photographic likeness of it. When painting outside in natural light the sun and clouds are constantly changing, so a speedy decision making process is needed. Painting indoors on a still life or a portrait allows more time to consider each brush stroke. If a painting catches your eye and draws you to look at it and like it more than another painting, then you are appreciating art. Whether it's the details that amaze you, or the serene feeling of a landscape view that grabs you, or even just the wonderment of how it is done, all is important because it takes you to a place you would not have been had it not been for the painting.