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Dan Freed


My work reflects my eclectic personality and background as both an artist and a comedy entertainer. I create oil paintings and pen & ink drawings that range in subject matter from landscapes, city scenes, odd little stories with people & still lifes. For the landscapes, I choose colors and details to create a composition and mood the way an interior designer would coordinate the design of a warm and inviting room. The fantasy aspect of a landscape is very important - letting myself and the viewer use imagination to fill in some of details and feel like they are floating, dreamlike, inside the scene. Some works appear at first to be fully abstract, and yet as I work I am often visualizing a landscape. In the works featuring people, I’m telling a little story, I think of them as “odd little stories that won’t stay put.” The stories usually use humor and often have a surreal twist to them. I have a long background as a comedy performer which is why I sometimes blend my love of humor and art. The pen & ink drawings are impressionist in spirit, drawn with very wild electrified energy. I hope you take a close look at them, because I’ve written my spontaneous observations all over them.