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Hong-Bich Vernon


On the 27th of April, 1975, my family fled to the United States just three days before the fall of Saigon. I did not move by choice. No one chooses to be a refugee. Yet in that defining event that was thrust upon me, I began a lifelong voyage that continues in my art. My work explores the physiological and psychological dimensions of home as a place of refuge, comfort, and reflection. I address the emotional connection that exists between the places left behind and the places of the present. I also paint what it means to be uprooted from one’s home and compelled to re-establish new roots while holding onto old ones. My works are about the nature of memory, the way we remember, and how our memories shift over time. I draw, paint and make prints. My works are the result of a lengthy engagement with process and material. The forms and images in my paintings and prints evolve from nature and allude to places and people I have known.