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Temre Stanchfield


Temre studied classical figure painting at University of Puget Sound in Washington State, Studio Art Center International in Florence Italy and at U of A, eventually earning her MFA in 2001. She turned her artistic focus toward the organic world when working as the Artist in Residence at the Trolley Museum of New York in the Hudson Valley in 2009. While there, her paintings depicted the natural process of renewal, embodied in the ever-changing landscape. Later her focus transitioned into working with ideas of renewal through flowers and plant parts. She remains fascinated with and currently explores the phases of aging, disintegrating, disseminating and re-birth in the plant world. When reflecting on her work, she says, ?my paintings are meditations on renewal. I am enamored by the changing seasons in my garden and neighborhood. The four seasons bring frost, wind, weeds, fruits, decomposition and so on; this relentless cycle is a grand display of rejuvenation ? each stage is integral to the ongoing natural cycle.? Born and raised in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, Temre has lived in a wide range of places, including Japan where she taught at KIDI design studio and studied ikebana (Japanese flower arranging). She currently resides and works full time in her studio in Lincoln University, Pennsylvania. When not painting, she likes to spend time gardening, and hiking with her family.