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Sean Huntington






 Artist County

Nature fascinates me, especially trees. The repetition of line in a grove of aspens, the patterns and shapes created by branches as they weave in and out among one another, the textures created by lichens and bark. I strive to capture the essence of these forms in my work. I work in watercolor and gouache on paper. The paper is stretched like canvas, letting me work on a scale not normally seen in watercolor. I paint very wet, letting colors flow and bleed, encouraging textures and blooms. Once the watercolor is dry, the trees are painted using masking fluid (liquid latex) onto the previously colored background. More alternating layers of paint and latex are applied. When finished I peel away the masking fluid revealing the layers of color beneath. This creates a sense of depth, with the various textured layers insinuating bark and shadows. When finished I coat the paintings with a UV protective sealant.