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Martin Moon






 Artist County

When I first visited Turkey, I walked into a coppersmith’s shop. I found three chiseled pitchers nearing completion that were carved with a level of intricacy that absolutely mesmerized me. I thought to myself in that moment, “I hope I can, someday, make any single object as amazing as what I see before me.” That sight lit a fire in me that has stuck with me since-- with any task in life, my biggest give to the world is to do my absolute best. Since then, I had the incredible opportunity to return to that same shop in Turkey and apprentice as a coppersmith. I found meditation with every time I picked up my hamer and determined to do my absolute best work. As I learned to use my diamond-tipped chisels to carve thousands of lines into copper, my best work became better and better. Now I have a new opportunity to share my passion and the product of my best work to thousands of people at a time, and hopefully open new eyes to that excitement of inspiration and wonder.