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Mixed Media

Jane Shafter

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 Artist County

My paintings and collages are inspired by the awesome beauty of nature, man's creation of gardens, and the belief that nature connects people universally. My favorite subjects are flowers and landscapes, sometimes with figures, and portraits. My goal is to interpret the essence of the subject rather than provide a literal translation. Outdoors, in touch with the flowing energy of nature, my intuition and imagination are free to express my impressions through painting. Chanticleer , a parklike estate and horticultural gem near my home , has inspired many of my paintings. Indoors , working from sketches, photographs or imagination, I sit near a window facing the garden . Intuition tells me which colors and choice of paint or combination of mixed media ( Oil Paints & Oil Pastels, Acrylics, Gouache / Water Colors . Ink , Collage , etc. ... ) would best communicate my impression of a subject. Lately I've added touches of color , texture and pattern made of textiles and nature specimens to some of the painted surfaces.