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Mixed Media

Diane Hulse

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 Artist County

I am a mixed media artist whose current work includes painting and jewelry. I reconstruct memories and observations in the form of abstract paintings and wearable objects. I work intuitively and utilize whatever materials will help me realize my vision – paint, ink, wood, paper, glass beads, precious stones, sterling silver, resin, found objects, and humble materials. I repurpose my old paintings and writing as readily as my old ideas. Themes and metaphors recycle throughout my art. They emerge, disappear, and resurface, reflecting my passions and investigations. I study archaeology, Buddhism, botany, geology, aerial photography, psychology, zoology, Zen gardens, and poetry to deepen my awareness. For many years, I painted realistic landscapes to celebrate Earth’s beauty. Now I create with a more holistic understanding that includes my grief, fear, anger, and feelings of helplessness because of the ways that we humans have managed our planet. Buddhists believe that “right action” should guide our behavior. It would give me great joy if my art inspired “right action” on behalf of Earth.