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Al Moretti

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 Artist County

Al Moretti is an artistic soul who has devoted his life to the arts - spending the majority of his life creating magic with music. During the past decade, he turned his artistic focus to painting and says 'music and art are two peas in the same pod. The language of descriptive expression are exactly alike; they tap into the same part of the brain.' In fact he notes that, 'many times when I play my horn and I'm improvising I see colors associated with my sounds and expressions'. Now he transforms colors on canvas into images filled with life and sound and their own melodies. When Al paints, he has learned to 'let go of what I know and look for what I want to see and experience'. When he creates an image, he paints with the colors he feels, not the reality before him. 'The actual colors are secondary, they are not the point,' Al states. He is guided more by the light and dark tones, rhythm and dynamics playing in the piece.' He observes that 'dynamics make music and art articulate their story with power and clarity.' Al enjoys painting portraits and has done a brightly colored series of composers that pays homage to the great influences in music. His painting explodes with color and one can hear the music pulsing through his deliberate color choices and bold brush strokes.