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Adrian Martinez

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 Artist County

I was born long ago and far away in Washington D.C. Twenty some years later (early 70’s) my career as an abstract painter began in the West End of London known as Soho. Soho - all dangerous streets, sleazy strip joints, Jazz Clubs, Chinese restaurants (dark and steamy) and St Martin’s School of Art. I spent as much time as possible in all of these places. Several years before becoming a starving artist in England I had been getting depressed floating around in the New York art scene. Uptown openings, Downtown openings, 5th Avenue penthouse after parties, evil people and empty art. Conceptual art had been sweeping everything before it while Pop art had for the moment ran out of reasons. London and New York in the 60’s and 70’s have always been my baseline as an artist . From “Rude Boy” to whatever I am now, still painting after all these years.