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What started out as a casual monthly discussion between local artists has evolved into a county-wide yearly studio tour. We can only imagine visiting the studio of Andrew Wyeth in Chadds Ford 60 years ago. Chester County had yet to become the icon of American landscape painting.  It would have been an opportunity to experience history being made and the art that was an integral part of it.  Today a new generation of Chester County artists open their studios, building on this artistic legacy. Chester County Studio Tour is a self-guided trail that connects and highlights these local yet extraordinary artists.

We invite friends, families, art enthusiasts, and the curious to experience and meet a variety of outstanding artists as they exhibit their work during this two-day event. This unique and intimate opportunity creates a free, unlimited access to the artists, and a clearer understanding of our story and creative process.

Chester County Studio Tour provides artists an opportunity to showcase their creative work environment with the public by way of a professional, well-publicized, and anticipated event. In turn, the tour exposes the cultural backbone of the country for citizens and visitors to engage in and participate in the arts.

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(updated 10.04.15)