47 Studios

100 artists

Chester County Studio Tour invites friends, families, art enthusiasts and the curious to experience and meet a variety of astonishing artists as they exhibit their work during this two-day event. This unique and intimate opportunity gives the visitor free unlimited access to the artists, and a clearer understanding of their story and creative process.

You are invited to browse the participating artists, and choose a road from the map. Follow the map through the winding roads and rolling hills until you reach the door of an artist’s studio. There you can join artists on their journey and begin experiencing art everywhere in Chester County. That sounds daunting, we encourage you to visit our routes to plan a day or the whole weekend exploring. Visit artists that focus on sculpture or plein air painting. CCST and Tolsdorf Oil Lube Express have designed a few routes with the connoisseur in mind. We have plotted courses to help you traverse the county with the most scenic roads in mind, surely making it a day about the journey. Plan your day and get out early to start or add to your art collection.

There are 100 artists and 47 studios participating on the tour this year. We have partnered with businesses and other supporters of the arts in the community to offer a variety of ways to see and collect art. Chester County Studio Tour and OTTO's Mini & OTTO's BMW share a mutual belief that everyone should have art and art should be everywhere. Otto's Mini and Otto's BMW has graciously supplied each artist with a 6” x 6" board and black frame to create an affordable, ready to display piece of original artwork to be sold for $75. The artists are currently painting them, come back soon for a preview.

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(updated 4.04.15)